In Memory of Rylee

Rylee was my dad and sister’s dog who was adopted at age 1 from QAS in 2005.  He passed away unexpectedly at age 8 with no warning and no chance to say goodbye.  He lived every day to the fullest and especially loved swimming, being with his family, and taking walks around Merrymount.  Thank you for taking such good care of him before he was adopted.  Just so you know, he was the best dog a family could have.  He is missed terribly and hopefully will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge someday.

Brian & Sandy Mastrullo

In Memory of Bentley the Corgi

We got him from QAS about 8 years ago. He certainly was a wonderful dog and we miss him very much.

Best Regards, Bill and Sonja Whitney

In Memory of Max

We adopted Max in the summer of 2002 from QAS when he was 6 months old and he was with us until right before his 12th birthday. When we brought him home from QAS Max quickly became integrated within our family and our hearts. He was a curious and playful puppy who was always looking for someone to run around with. He loved going on walks, playing with his stuffed babies, and getting a good belly rub. He was always there to greet us at the door with one of his stuffed babies or bones when we would come home, even if we had just left for 5 minutes. He had a serious obsession with cantaloupe, peanut butter, cheese, and popcorn, and would do whatever trick he could to just get a bite. Even as he grew older his playful and goofy attitude always shone through while playing with his friends or hanging out at home. He was the best dog for our family and we are so happy that we were able to provide him a good home to live out his life.

Rest in peace our sweetest Maxxie, we will love you and miss you always.

The Flores/Panzner Family

In Memory of Moxie

My sister Clare adopted Moxie from Quincy Animal Shelter in (or around) 2002 I believe.  She went in for a cat and…well…Moxie had her at “Hello.”  🙂 They shared a wonderful life together until my sister Clare died from Cancer at age 52 on January 20, 2012.  

I moved into my sister’s home (as I did not want to upset Moxie’s life any further) and WE have been taking care of EACH OTHER every day since my sister’s death.  Moxie was the greatest blessing of my life. Although in the end she was walking with stiff geriatric joints (assisted by lots of medication), she still at age 14 managed to play quietly at night on her bed with her “baby bear,” do “hall flips” when we go to go outside, and the old girl could flirt with every man in the condominium complex!  I love her with ALL OF MY HEART, and my only solace with her passing is knowing she is only leaving me to go and be with Clare again…and that I will be with them both again some day.  

Thank you, Suzy Neuner

In Memory of Gracie

Eleven hours ago we lost our Gracie, a beloved sweet girl who left behind a large hole in our hearts.  She was a gentle, loving, shy girl who’d nest beside my wife and I and purr her warm purr whenever she was noticed.

She was first adopted out of QAS as a kitten, but those people tired of her after a few years and brought her to another shelter to be put down.  That shelter, noting QAS’ no-kill and surrender policies, returned Gracie to QAS.  We went to QAS after my wife’s cat had died to find another pet, and I loved Gracie at first sight.

It was quickly plain that her previous owners had abused her.  It took a long time for her to recover from the trauma; she hid in a closet for the better part of six months, and it was years before she trusted men.  But she came out of her shell, with a lot of love, and repaid us that love with compound interest: the gentlest cat I’ve ever known.  Even in her last hours, she still purred for us and showed us she loved us. We live a hundred miles away now, but will always be grateful to QAS for the ten years we had our Gracie girl.

Bob and Amanda Traynor

In Memory of Jake

In 2001 I was was looking for a new puppy to bring home and be part of our family. At the time, I had been searching for our new family member and came across a photo of “Jake”, who was born in 2000 and in need of a new home – I fell in love before I ever met him. I quickly inquired about his availability and with happiness he was there raced to Quincy from Wilmington, MA. At the time, he was new to the shelter, surrendered by his family that was going through a divorce. Neglected and dirty, I had to have him. Fun loving, friendly and as your staff coined him, an escape artist! There was an immediate bond that evolved to be unbreakable. We became best friends, an old soul that I was truly blessed to have in my life. We were meant to find each other, we delivered each other a type of unconditional love rarely found – but we found it and he made my worst days good and my best days even better.
Unfortunately today I had to say my last goodbye to Jake as I embraced him in my arms down to his last breath. Safe, secure, comforted and loved – all I ever wanted him to feel his entire life. I wanted to share this with you because he was the best gift of life any human could ever dream to have.  He truly is irreplaceable and the sadness I feel today will be sure to carry on for a long time in my life.
I want to thank the Quincy Animal Shelter for providing me with such a gift almost 14 years ago, it will never be forgotten.

Best, Eric Anderson

In Memory of Lilly

On April 25, 2014 our sweet Lilly went to Doggie Heaven.  We adopted Lilly from the Shelter in December of 2002.  My son had finally convinced me to go to the Shelter “just to look” and as soon as we saw Lilly, we fell in love.  We were told that Lilly was a stray and that she was about a year old.  She was such a sweet, gentle and loving member of our family and we thank you for all you did to bring Lilly into our lives.  We miss her so much but we know we will get to go on walks with her again some day.

With immense gratitude,
The McGarty Family

In Memory of Shea

I first met Shea in 2004 when I was a volunteer at QAS (the orange tabby in the picture).  He had been returned to the shelter (he was previously adopted out as a kitten back in 2002).  He was quite scared at the shelter and as a result was being passed over for adoption.  I volunteered to foster him to see if he would come out of his shell, but sadly after 5 months of fostering him he still hadn’t been adopted.  At that point I made the decision to adopt him myself and he has been with my family for the last 12 years.  He never fully came out of his shell, however, he has been a welcomed part of our family over the years.  This past year he has suffered through a myriad of health problems as a result of aging, one of which is renal failure.  Sadly, we had to make the decision to put him to rest today as we felt his quality of life had greatly diminished and we did not want him to suffer.  My family will forever remember all of the years we had with him and are greatly for QAS for rescuing him, not once, but twice and allowing me the opportunity to bring him into our family.

– Jill McGrath

In Memory of Mischief

Mischief passed this morning.  For years she provided companionship  and was always sweet.  In this pic she was helping me wrap Christmas presents.

In Memory of Oliver

In 2005, we met Oliver, who came home with us, the first cat to be rescued.
For 10 years, he was our constant companion and sentinel during times of illness, always close by.
He tried valiantly to stay with us, however, in 2015, those who loved him most, set him free to cross the Rainbow Bridge.
He left us a legacy of unconditional love and his paw prints will be forever etched on our broken hearts.
 – Maura Peterson