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On November 19, 2022 a family lost their dog in Lawrence, MA. Shortly after a good Samaritan found a dog and brought him to Animal Control where he was lovingly named Eeyore for his calm, quiet and reflective personality. He was quickly a volunteer favorite. Since there were medical issues to be addressed we posted him needing a foster. Lucky for him a Missing Dogs Massachusetts volunteer, Jenny S., saw our posting and called the family in Lawrence to see if our Eeyore was their Haze. Close to a month later, Haze and his family had a beautiful reunion!

To continue our mission of rescuing more animals, we are always planning fundraising and educational events. Quincy Animal Shelter is a Volunteer-run, Non-Profit Organization, so all donations go toward animal care, education, and fundraising. Medical care, including spay/neuter surgery and vaccinations, is by far our greatest expense. Please check this page frequently for event updates! THANK YOU!

Want to plan your own event for QAS? Submit an event proposal to our Board of Directors here.

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