The Grateful Dead sang “I got a feeling and it won’t go away, oh no; just one thing, then I’ll be okay. I need a miracle every day.” While she’s not the woman Bob Weir sang of, Mira, the little miracle, might just be the “raven-dressed, goddess of the night” that YOU need. Her feline frame is dressed in raven fur and she’s spent many a night in her free-feline splendor; but, it’s seriously time for her to settle down. In her almost 2 years, she’s reportedly had several litters of kittens, before recently being trapped. Now, she waits quietly in a shelter cage hoping someone notices her for the noble lady she is. She currently enjoys someone taking their time to ease into some chin scratches. She’ll slowly close her eyes signaling that she’s easing into the good life of having human contact. All it will take is finding someone ready to give her a chance. We think with a little time in a gentle home, she’ll be someone’s little miracle love. She might even enjoy a home with other cats to spend time with. Come see bright-eyed Mira, Miracle.