Jasmine is a sweet, delicate blended kitty, part Lynx Point Siamese and part domestic short hair. True to the Siamese side of her breed, she is very vocal. Her coat has lots of interesting colors and she had haunting blue eyes. When she first came to QAS, she was nervous and frightened because, at some point in her 6 years, she had become a stray.

It was quickly discovered that her back left leg had been broken in two places and was not healing well. As a result, that leg had to be amputated. She has made a full recovery in a loving foster home. Her foster mom says she has become more active. She greets her in the kitchen when she gets home. She is moving around the house easily. She can go up and down stairs, jump on the couch, and jump on the bed. She also likes to explore and seems to have no fear of the house.

She was introduced her to a dog and she did not seem scared at all. They actually went nose to nose for a quick sniff.

She loves to be patted aggressively. When she rubs against you to be patted it is really more like she slams into you. She will climb on your lap, and occasionally on your chest, to be petted. Jasmine still startles sometimes, when approached, but will usually come back immediately for petting.

She appears to be is a cat that needs a lot of attention. It would be especially good for her if someone with Siamese breed experience were to adopt her, someone who understands the special personality traits of a Siamese cat. The breed is highly intelligent but can have a mind of their own. They are affectionate and most of them love to play. She has not, so far, been interested in toys but this may come now that she is healthy.

Jasmine is still in her foster home but you can meet her by appointment. Please email any questions to adoptions@quincyanimalshelter.org.