My husband and I adopted “Kelly” from QAS last May 2017.  We fostered her first, to see if we could successfully integrate her into our already-one-cat household.  We are the proud cat parents of a wonderful 14 year old senior, Tubby. We brought Kelly (an 8 year old loving and friendly sweetheart) home from QAS, set her up in our spare bedroom, and kept her there (with her many creature comforts) with the door closed for 4 days (we visited her frequently, of course!).

After 4 days passed we opened the door and put up two stackable baby gates.  This allowed Kelly to ‘meet’ (and get used to) Tubby (and vice versa), but eliminated the risk of a fight. We kept this “baby gate” arrangement for almost 2 weeks.  At that point, we took the gates down for the “in-person” (“in-feline”?) meeting and it went remarkably well!

Now, 9 months later, they are almost friends J. They co-exist beautifully with only the occasional scuffle.  When they’re apart, they look for (and miss!) one another.  It’s been wonderful to have two. Also, it’s worth mentioning that we adopted Kelly with some medical issues. She required a tooth extraction and an additional/second spay surgery.  She was worth all of it and then some.  We love her dearly and we are SO happy to have her as part of our family.  SUCCESS!!!

Thank you so much for taking Kelly in, for and giving her food, love, and shelter when she needed it.

Elinor & Erik Kostanski
Melrose, Massachusetts


We adopted Riley (Giselle) in September 2017. She adjusted quickly to our home and is now an mischievous, snuggly goofball. She spends most of her time under a blanket on our bed, on top of our kitchen cabinets, or curled up in her hammock by the window. She loves to play, especially with ribbons and jingly balls – we think she may be training for a major-league soccer career! She also loves playing in paper bags, and bubbles. We are so grateful for the Quincy Animal Shelter for introducing us to Riley.

— Tori and Ben Todd


I just wanted to thank you all for your continued work to make a better life for all the animals you guys see.

My fiance and I adopted Thaddeus in November ’15. He is the most handsome, goofy, lovable guy. Thad has taken over our home and our hearts. We just wanted to give you all an update! He is the best and we are so happy with our experience with QAS. Thank you all again!

— Elizabeth Devine, Dan Shapiro & Thaddeus


We adopted Goose (now Magnus) mid February. He was a nervous cat for the first few weeks. His favorite spot was under the bed. He had to wear a shirt for a bit due to overgrooming, but once he was put on a hypoallergenic diet he began to improve. Today he is very talkative. He enjoys a good window, chasing some toys, being pat with a grooming glove, and sleeping in a uhaul box with a blanket instead of the cat bed. We are happy to have him.

— Gregg Isaacson