What’s big and brown and black all over? 

Me, Zeppelin, a 95 pound Rottweiler. 

I’m 5 years old and have already gone through a bit. My housemate and I were surrendered with hardly any details about my previous life. The folks here at QAS quickly fell in love with me and learned that my eyes needed medical attention. Turns out I have a condition called entropion, and I had surgery to correct it. 

After I healed from surgery, I was adopted, but I was too strong for them when I got amped around dogs. The folks at QAS have helped me calm down around dogs, but I would still rather dogs not come up and meet me. I dont think I would want to live with a dog. Or cats either.  

I love with every pound, I’m good on walks, I love to be petted and I always try and sit as close as I can to my people.  If you’re a rottie-fan, and strong enough to hold my leash when excited, then I’m the pup for you! I am SO ready for a new beginning, are you ready for a new companion?

Let my friends at QAS know you’re interested and email

Love, Zep🐾

Age 5 Years

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