Hi my name is Vanson. I’m a beautiful Torti looking for a quiet home with no other animals. Eleven years ago I lived in a parking lot; every day I would see people going into a building so one day I followed one of the people in and decided to stay – humans call this place “work.” My people there were wonderful; I had food, a big space to wander around; my people would play with me, take care of me, and give me lots of love. They would be there in the day, and at night they would leave, but always came back the next day. I’m now 13 and ready to retire. It’s time for a new home, not because they don’t want me, but it gets lonely sometimes, especially nights and weekends. I would like to live in a home with all the comforts that comes with. I’m in good health; I go to the vets for check-ups yearly and my shots (yuck) when needed. I love laser pointers, string toys, catnip. If you provide me with a scratching post and/or a cardboard scratcher, I will use those and not your furniture. I can be vocal at times; it could be to let you know you should pick me up or I’d like some treats. I adore looking out the window, nestled on a soft blanket. I hope you’re not put off or think I’m demanding. I want you to know about me so you can determine if you’d like for me to live with you. I personally think you’ll love me. * Please email any questions to *