Tom, a 4-year-old Tuxedo, may be the sweetest and most gentle cat you will have the pleasure to meet. He loves to be pet and brushed, and will instantly purr and maybe even drool a little in response. He spent a short time in a foster home because the shelter was just too stressful for him, and he was a perfect guest in the home. He likes to be picked up and hugged but he seems happiest lying next to you on the couch or bed with at least one of his paws resting gently on you. He will also climb on your lap.

The recent changes in his life have made him very scared so when he is alone, he likes to stay well hidden. He seems very trusting of people though, and will gladly come out of hiding for attention. We believe he will attach to his new owner quickly and you will find him to be a wonderful companion. Since he is very gentle and doesn’t like to be alone, he may also be accepting of other cats and older children. Tom is FIV+ – no medications are required – just regular annual vet visits for wellness checks.