Shannon is a gorgeous GSD about 5 years old. She came to QAS in mid-February after her owner lost his home and was recently adopted but returned two weeks later. The issues for return we the same issues we had told the adopter about: men on walks and other dogs, but they were too much for them sadly. They did report she was a very sweet and loving girl who enjoyed her people and relaxing. Coming back to the shelter will be a difficult transition for her. As is typical for GSD’s, she is cautious of new people until she gets to know them, but once she knows them she is as loyal as they come. Shannon is a sensitive girl who can be overwhelmed in the shelter. Shannon is on anxiety meds to help her here, but once in a stable home she hopefully will not need them. She was having some joint stiffness but is responding to meds. Shannon needs a home with German Shepherd breed experience. Shannon also needs a cat free and dog free home. Loud noises, like motorcycles, do scare her. Shannon initially was standoffish with the QAS volunteers, but over the past 5 months she has learned to trust them and now they take her on excursions to the beach and other fun activities. She is a joy of a dog. Shannon has had some training, listens well and is very well mannered. With time and love, Shannon will give it all back to her new person tenfold. Are you Shannon’s real forever family?