Pomme is an 8-month-old, short-haired kitten who arrived at QAS terrified and confused. His foster mom has been working with him for months and he has made wonderful progress. If something startles him, like a loud noise or quick movement, he will run away. But he will also come back! He is food-motivated so that will help him bond with his new family as he will associate people with something he likes.

He is very sweet and not at all mean. He can go to a house with children. However, when he first gets to his forever home(s), he will have to have to have a period of peacefulness so that he can transition. He will need to have a bathroom or other small room where he can relax and get to know people. This should be a small room with no hiding places. He may need to continue this way for a month or two. If he has access to an entire home right away, he will feel overwhelmed and will hide. This will make him revert and it will take him longer to come around. The shelter staff can give you some great tips on how to help him feel comfortable and confident in your home.

As you can see, his ideal home will be with someone who has experience and patience. You can’t expect him to come around in a couple of weeks. With time and patience, we believe he can be a great addition to your family.

Pomme is in a foster home but you can meet him by appointment by emailing kittens@quincyanimalshelter.org