Peanut is a two-year-old, orange male who was surrendered to us after a move brought him into a home with another cat and the two cats were not compatible.  Peanut is a very cute and sweet cat, asks for pets, lets you pick him up easily, etc., so people instantly fall in love with him.  Peanut is also a rambunctious, high-energy toddler/puppy-kitty who plays rough and can sometimes mistake your legs and arms for a scratching post.  It is not aggressive – it is more misdirected energy than anything, so another young, confident, playful cat might be okay for Peanut. Dogs would probably be too much for him, and since he is a bit of a wild child, we are seeking a home with no children. Peanut would do best with an experienced cat owner who can handle his energy and understands cat language. Play sessions a couple of times a day would be required. Wand toys and things to explore, like boxes and bags, will keep him active during the hours that you’re away from home.  He would do best in a larger home where he can run around vs. an apartment or condo which may not be able to contain his energy!