Muffin is a 2-year-old gorgeous gray tabby with the perfect doll face: beautiful round eyes and the sweetest little rosebud mouth. He is a somewhat shy kitty. He has a very cute, funny, and unconventional meow. When no humans are around, he meows for attention, but when approached, he retreats to the back of his cage, though we have not seen him hiss, swat, or show overt signs of fear. Due to this, we think he wants human attention, but needs time to warm up and feel comfortable — he has only been at the shelter for a short time. 

Given his shy nature, we think Muffin will do well in a quieter home with no small children, with a family who will give him the time and space he needs to come out of his shell at his own pace and fulfill his awesome kitty potential. He does not mind other cats at the shelter, so we think he will do fine in a home with another quiet, mellow cat if introduced slowly and carefully.