Martina and Remi – Adopted

Martina and Remi are bonded 20 week old kittens. They are always together and always watching what the other is doing. They love to play with wand toys! They were shy and skittish at first but they are thriving with their foster mom.It will be best to start them in a small room and be prepared for them to stay there for a few weeks. If they have too much freedom, they will be overwhelmed and will hide. When they don’t have access to hiding places, they will come and sit with/on you. If you introduce them to the whole house too soon, they will revert and it will take longer for them to feel confident and trusting. They actually love to be petted so staying in a small place at first will help them enjoy time with their adopters without being overwhelmed by too much space. Martini loves a post-meal snuggle session, so it’s best to not leave food out. If you let them get hungry before feeding them, they will look forward to seeing you! The foster mom only gives them food when she is holding it or it is next to her and this has worked well because they come out from hiding as soon as she gets home. They are becoming cuddly and affectionate but, for best results, will need their new family to work with them as their foster mom has.