Maggie – Adopted

Hi, my name is Maggie and I am the best girl around, I am a wonderful, loving, senior Shih Tzu. I am a mature gal so I’m looking for a quiet home where I can spend my days with my family. You can think of me as a friend with the benefit of life experience. The perfect home for me would be one where my family is home most of the day. I don’t like being alone and feel safest being with the ones I love. I would do best in a home where I am the only animal. I would make an excellent companion for senior or retired person or anyone who has the capacity of heart and home for a faithful companion who will look at you with love and gratitude every day. I am very friendly to all humans.
I love treats and I am very food driven. I haven’t always been fed the best quality food so sometimes my tummy gets upset. I love carrots! (and they are good for my eyes) Speaking of my eyes, I’ve been struggling with the loss of my sight. Sometimes I bump into things, and I can get scared if you startle me. I do have dry-eye and require a prescription ointment daily.
I’m a calm gal and love to lounge on the couch. The only time I get anxious when I am alone for extended periods of time, or during thunderstorms. Don’t let me age fool you, the highlight of my day is going on walks and I also love exploring a great smelling back yard. I am pretty much up for whatever you want, I’ll follow you around and go wherever you go. I love being with you!
Unlike a puppy, I know the ropes of living in a human house — like outside is for eliminating, and the house is for relaxing. I also know how to use pee pads, just make sure you show me where they are. Like most older dogs, sometimes I have accidents. I am not interested in toys; treats are my thing. I know my name is Maggie, so if you call, I will come. I am not great with a lot of stairs, a few is ok, but otherwise you will need to pick me up. I enjoy a nice bath every so often, which you can give me at home and only need professional grooming every six weeks. I don’t shed. I will never destroy any of your valuables. I’m not destructive.
If you like soft fur and snuggles, I’m looking for my retirement home. I am not at the shelter, but rather in one of the volunteer’s home, so if you’re serious about meeting me, you can email and make an appointment.