Lully is a 9-month-old black, medium/long-haired, spayed female who was found stray. She is very beautiful with a fluffy tail as long as her body!  When Lully came to us, she was very fearful, so we put her with one of our most-experienced fosters for socialization. After time and patience, she’s come a long way. That being said, she is very slow to adapt to all new situations.  Lully needs an experienced owner who understands that she will not show her true colors for quite a while. Her family must be committed to starting her in one room, ideally a small room with few or no places to hide. She should not be in a home with small children. Although she would do best in a home with other pets, she should be kept completely separated from them at first. How long this takes will be entirely up to her. If she’s given too much space or not enough time, her adjustment period will be longer and slower. Once she is settled and ready to show her true self, she is extremely affectionate. She even likes to cuddle – on HER terms. She is very playful and her antics are entertaining.  However, she can get overstimulated and will be a bit growly and hissy. After a good play session she will wind down; that’s when she becomes very affectionate. She is an ankle rubber so it poses some difficulty walking around. At first she was very wary of her foster’s cats and dog, but now she LOVES to play with all three of them so ideally a home with other friendly/low-key animals would be ideal!