Jassy started visiting a kind woman’s porch about six months ago. Slowly, she went from being the skittish neighborhood stray to a more friendly, regular visitor. Now, her luck is improving even more; this young lady (she will be around 2 years old in August) is now spayed and waiting for a kind soul to make her a permanent, indoor resident. Don’t let appearances fool you though. Right now, if you visited her, you would think she’s just a scaredy cat, because she will watch you with her big wary golden eyes; but, if you take it slow and give her some head scratches, you will start to see the true Jassy. She’s a cat just waiting for the place she can be the loving feline she really is. She’s just waiting to be somewhere she feels safe with a person she feels will keep her that way. Come see this sweet ebony furred lady and consider being her forever human.