Gus is a gentle soul in a big, tough cat’s body. This 6-year-old was surrendered to us because his owner’s health prevented her from taking care of him. When he first arrived at the shelter, he was understandably tentative about trusting someone new, but he so wants affection. Although he is not one to appreciate being picked up and handled, he’ll hang around you and keep a good eye on you to see what you’re doing. Gus is super curious about people and the comings and goings at the shelter, always coming up to the front of his kennel to have a look-see. At 15 lbs., Gus is a large boy who requires a large litterbox with high side walls due to his body size, therefore his new owner needs a spot where he has plenty of space to do his business. He has some skin sensitivities that gave him the itchies, so we put him on limited ingredient food and that has helped, therefore a limited diet should be continued. Gus is a super confident cat and might overwhelm another feline or canine companion, so we think he’d enjoy life best as an only pet.