Gary was found stray back in June; he had wounds on his face, and it was clear that life on the streets was not kind to him. We had to quarantine him for 4 months to make sure he was free of rabies (this is a Mass. State law), and now Gary is finally ready to find a home. We estimate that he is about two years old. When he first arrived at our shelter, he was terrified. Now he likes to put his cute face at the front of his kennel and watch the world go by, meowing and reaching his paws out to touch you. He has displayed curiosity in the other cats, sticking his paws under the kennel walls to play with the cats next door, so he might be OK with a feline roommate – with proper introductions, of course. He also seems very interested in his canine neighbor – they often calmly watch each other. He loves playing with wand toys and will chase them literally up the walls if he can, therefore some climbing space (like a tall cat tree) would be ideal for him to play on. When not playing, he is quiet and observant. His wounds have all healed; his fur has become nice and shiny since being at the shelter and he keeps his white paws pristine. He has distinctive yellow eyes and looks like he’s wearing a little tuxedo when he sits upright. Gary would love a cushy bed in a quiet home with humans who will be patient with him as he continues to adjust to receiving love and kindness, as it will take time for him to settle in and feel secure. Gary may not be a lap cat (yet), but we think he would be a sweet, silly little companion for someone, even if he never becomes a snuggly lap cat. Gary needs an experienced cat owner who is going to be patient with him as he once again transitions to a new home (from the shelter). He is curious about humans and his surroundings; he is not a fan of being picked up, so you’ll have to kind of let him explore on his own and let him approach you when he is comfortable, giving him plenty of time and space to feel comfortable and secure. With other animals, they’ll need to be separated in different rooms and very slowly introduced.