Felix – Adopted!

Felix is a connoisseur of comfort. He is a laid back 9-year-old whose hobbies include sleeping all day under or on your bed, meowing very loudly every morning (after you wake up of course) for petting and then breakfast, following you around until he gets bored and thus wanders back to your bed. You may hear him batting around a few of his toys but he will eventually work his way….back to your bed. Because of his schedule, Felix would be good for someone who works all day.

Felix has a special heart – he has cardiomyopathy which requires him to take two very inexpensive medications each day. He would do well in a quiet home with someone who doesn’t mind sharing his bed.

Felix is in a foster home so that he can live in luxury and ease; if you’d like to meet this special boy, please email adoptions@quincyanimalshelter.org. Felix’ adoption fee will be waived, only because we feel he is priceless. No other pets, please.