Dasher is the sweetest senior cat with the spirit of a kitten. While he spends most of his day lounging and napping, this 11 year old gets spurts of energy and is ready to play with all of his toys and you! He comes off a bit shy at first but once he’s comfortable, he’ll be sure to be your shadow. He enjoys head rubs and will return the favor with head butts to show his love. At first he comes off incredibly independent but as soon as he’s made the house his home, he will constantly lay up on the couch with you while you enjoy a good book or some TV. We think he would do best in a home as the only pet as we are not sure how he is with other animals. He’s as sweet as can be and deserves a home full of love! Please note that Dasher came to us with very irritated skin; we started him on special food and as you can see from the pictures, he has done fabulous so he should remain on RX food or limited-ingredient food; we also have him on prescription medication to help with his skin, although there is a chance he could be weaned off of it as long as he keeps with his special diet. This is something you would discuss with your vet.