Cindy is an 8 year old beautiful “tortie” who sadly lost her owner to COVID-19; the only owner she ever knew. While her owner was in the hospital, Cindy was home, alone and likely confused, for several days before we took her in. She is slowly coming around to realize she is safe and well taken care of here, however the shelter is no place for this little lady and she now needs a new home. Torties are known to be rather sassy, vocal felines, but they tend to bond to their owners with passion. If you’re looking for a cat with a big personality, she may be the feline for you. She likes to play, she does not like to be picked up but would sit quietly next to you while you watch Netflix. She needs an experienced owner who will give her the time and space to come out of her shell. You can see in her face that she wants to trust again, yet she is being cautious. We think your patience will be rewarded with a loyal companion for years to come. She lived in a home with one person, so ideally that would be a suitable home for her once again.