This is Charlie – 9 pounds of wiggle! He is a four-year-old MinPin/Chihuahua mix. He is very outgoing, active, and playful – loves his humans, his toys, being pet, and going for walks. Because he can sometimes guard his food and toys, he needs an adult only, low-key home. Training can help discourage resource guarding before it becomes too problematic, therefore his humans will need to learn to properly manage his behavior. Aside from that, this inquisitive little fellow loves life. He can be a bit scrappy around other animals, so a home with no other pets would be best. Charlie will need crate training, at least initially, to remind him that peeing is for the outside. He can gain back that skill with time and patience; often dogs need some re-training after spending time at a shelter with limited access to the outside. Charlie will make an affectionate companion to the right humans.