Baby – Adopted

“Nobody puts Baby in the corner.”  Why would they want to?  She’s a sweetheart and quite a looker.   Her fur is predominantly white, with beautiful splotches of caramel and black that appear to be artfully applied. Her dark ears, dark tail and adorable diamond of black on her face beautifully complement her stunning pale blue eyes. She seems a little shy at first, but once you start to pet her, she’ll roll over and revel in the attention; soon you’ll hear her lovely low purr and you’ll know you’ve made a connection. With Baby in your corner you’ll surely have the time of your life! Baby has a cardiomyopathy.  Baby has to take an inexpensive medication (Atenelol), which she delightfully eats in a treat.  This is a diagnosis that requires diligence, but not a deep pocket-book.