Simone is a very affectionate and sweet cat, about two years of age. Found stray this past summer, and pregnant, she was placed into a loving foster home where she gave birth to four healthy kittens born during the 2021 Summer Olympics. She herself got the name Simone after U.S. gymnast Simone Biles (her kittens are Michelle, FloJo, Jav, and Bolt). Simone greets humans at the door by rubbing against them and purring sweetly. She also likes to talk and chatter for your attention and loves being pet. She is lower energy and easy-going, you will often find her relaxing in a cozy spot or looking out the window. Although she does enjoy playing from time to time, in particular chasing jingle balls, she enjoys her alone time so being an only pet may suit her best. She has also been around children and did well; she’s very affectionate towards people.

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