Hey, Lucy, here to tell you what I’m looking for. Yep, I’m just about a year old, Jun 25th to be precise is the big ONE YEAR. I come with all the stuff you anticipate a puppy to have…. cuddly-intelligence-energy-jumpy-silliness-mouthiness-house breaking-goofball. I’m looking for a fun way to learn how to be the best dog ever. Are you a patient leader who can show me boundaries, routine, and work with me using obedience training in structured energy burning exercises such as long walks, hiking, running, agility, etc? I’d love to have a canine friend who can put up with my playful antics too. I sometimes forget how jumpy I am and wouldn’t want to mow down the little ones by mistake. A home with adults or older kids is my preference. Once our exercises are done, then it’s the best time – snuggle time!

If you are committed to raising a puppy and spending a lifetime with me I can’t wait to meet you! 

Age 1 year

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