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We are looking for a foster to adopt situation for sweet Lola and Bentley so they can be in a home as soon as possible. Lola is a 14 year old chiweenie and Bentley is a 9 year old dachshund. They came to QAS after their loving owner needed to go into memory care. They do rely on one another and should be adopted together because to have another loss and change in their life at this point would not be best for them. They both are very very sweet and loving little dogs. Lola is a bit more on the worried side, while Bentley just rolls with life a bit more. They love human attention and are used to having their person around them, so someone who will be home for them is necessary for them.They do bark when left alone and although they settle down, we are looking for someone retired or someone working from home to foster to adopt them. They enjoy short walks and sniffing the air outside, but they really love being with people and having love and attention. Both of them need dental work, which QAS will take care of. If you are interested in fostering two sweet pups who will enjoy being your best friend please email any questions to

Age 14 & 9

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