Lil’ Debbie was found stray so we don’t know much of her background. We are estimating her age at about 5 years old. She was put into a foster home upon her arrival at the shelter to help her relax. She gets along fine with the two resident cats, but will not adventure downstairs passed the dogs. She still is wary of being picked up, but she loves to be pet, especially if she initiates it with a little head butt. She loves to just sit in the window and watch the world go by. She is still a bit on alert so she will hide if she hears other people in the house, however we hope in time she will learn to relax and know that she is now safe and off the streets for good. Lil’ Debbie would be a great pet for someone who lives in a quiet home and would like a little spirit in the house.

Age 5 Years

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