Courtesy Post – Sammie aka Sampson


This is a courtesy post for the Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue located about an hour from QAS in Hudson, MA. Please email any questions to their adoption team to find out more information as they are not at QAS. The email is

Sammie is what you would consider an introvert, he can be nervous when meeting new people. Sammie will let you know if he is uncomfortable by barking, he is very communicative! Once Sammie does warm up to you, he is the sweetest boy you could ever ask for! He LOVES attention, and you will find that he leans into you for love and pats. He even enjoys a good belly rub when he is comfortable with you. When Sammie REALLY likes you, he will even sneak in a kiss or two! One of Sammie’s favorite past times is fetch, he would play ALL day if you allowed him to. Sammie is very smart and is a quick learner. He is also food motivated, which makes training with him a breeze! He also walks very well on leash with the an EZ-Walk Harness.

Sammie will thrive in a low traffic, low activity home that has prior experience with nervous dogs. If you have guests coming in and out of your home regularly, this will not be the ideal home for him. He will benefit from having a job to do; nose work, agility, etc. Sammie thrives best with a lot of physical and mental stimulation to keep him calm and happy.

Sammie just turned 3, what would be a better gift than to be in a new home?

Dogs: Depends on the dog, He can be a little forward when meeting dogs, Confident female would be best!
Cats: Sampson shouldn’t live with a cat
Kids: Sampson would do well with older kids
Fence: Highly recommended!

Breed Shepherd x Labrador
Age 3 years

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