Carly was found wandering down Route 3. Her back legs did not work well. After seeing neurologists it was explained that her back-end weakness and urinary incontinence can be managed but will likely always be a part of her life. 

We think she is part beagle which would explain the barking (which can be stopped by redirecting her onto other things) and the howling (which is super cute). Carly takes a little while to warm up but once she does let the cuddling begin. This girl LOVES cuddling. Carly loves to walk, and run and jump, but her legs tend to give out a little, so a close backyard yard with grass to ease her feet and legs rather than street walking would be best.  

Her fosters have her on a bathroom routine and she has been very good about not going in the house. If Carly does not go when they take her out, they put a diaper on her (which she does not mind) because of her incontinence. She loves to be with her people and can be a little protective. Carly’s perfect home would be a person/couple who are home more than not, semi active (she does like being outside) who must be ok with minor accidents here and there especially when she greets you.

She does think she is a guard dog so expect barking on walks and when the bell rings. She can be nervous an mouthy with new people – what we call “stranger danger” – so she really needs an adult only home.  However if you take it slowly with lots of treats and positive words, you’ll have a best friend in 10 minutes. Also, because of her back-end weakness, a home with a lot of stairs would not be a good fit. Since Carly has so much love to give no other pets needed, (she has a very short fuse with other dogs).  

Carly is a special needs adoption. She won’t be for everyone and will not be adaptable to a lot of situations. But Carly is loving and so sweet, and after a very rough life up to this point, QAS is determined to find her the perfect forever home.

Age 5 years

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