Meet BK! (Short for “Baby Kitty”!) This adorable, goofy, and sassy approximately 8-year-old lady was found as a stray in Quincy. BK had successful surgery in January to fix a painful dislocated hip, and though she may always walk with a slight limp, she gets around just fine and is now pain free. As she was living outside for a long time before she came to us, BK is still adjusting to life indoors with humans. In just three short months she has made big strides in her foster home. Her adopter will need to continue that work, keeping her in one room to start, and letting her acclimate to her new home at her own pace. Your patience will be worth it, though – after you earn her trust, BK will show you her adorable, silly personality. She loves sleeping on her back with all four legs splayed in the air, holding “hands” (or, hand and paw) with you, licking chicken puree off your finger, and sitting right next to you while you read, watch tv, or work. BK can be wary of hands at first, but if you go slow and, on her terms, you’ll find that she really loves to be pet and has the softest, thickest fur. Her adopter will need to understand that BK can get overstimulated from time to time, and when that happens, she’ll give you a playful whack (without claws extended) to let you know how she feels. We think this means she needs to play, and she has just started learning how to play with “fishing pole” toys. Her adopter will get to continue showing BK the fun of playing, and you’ll be surprised by what a good hunter this 8-year-old can be! BK would do best in a home without small children. We are not sure how she would do with other pets, though we suspect that with proper introductions she might be fine with other calm adult cats.

Age 8 Years

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