Adopt a Dog

The Adoption Fee for our DOGS, starting at $250.00, may vary based on age, breed, training and health needs.
All animals are spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, have current vaccinations and have been temperament tested.                QAS accepts cash and credit cards.

Meet: IVY   (to view more photos, click here)

Ivy is a sweet girl who wants a quiet home with a active person who is around all the time. Its a lot to ask but your return will be well worth it! You see Ivy has separation anxiety and initial fear anxiety. She is on medication for her anxieties and her fear quickly goes away once given a couple minutes to warm up. She wants someone who will love her and at the same time help her through her anxiety to become a more confident dog. Although she lived with other dogs she would to like meet her new doggie friend to make sure both like each other.

Meet: LOLA   (to view more photos, click here)

"My pretty face doesn't belong in a shelter!" Meet Lola our 3 year old little staffie girl. She unfortunately was not given the chance to be a loving mom to her newborn puppies because her former owner discarded her shortly after she gave birth. We got Lola as a stray and have helped her become a healthy weight while also teaching her to trust us. She is a very sweet little girl who couldn't be more content hanging outside with her friends here at the shelter while chewing on a ball. She has a sweet personality and deserves a home where she can experience nothing but love and bond with her new owner. 

Meet: GYPSY   (to view more photos, click here)

Gypsy is a ~5 year old JRT mix. As sure as Linus in the Peanuts movies brings his blanket everywhere, Gypsy's bring her ball everywhere. She love playing fetch, bringing it back, dropping at your feet, taking a step back waiting for it to be thrown again. Look her focus in the picture, WOW! She also likes to cool down in a pool and is a good little walker too! Once exercise time is over, she'll snuggle up to you for cuddle time. Gypsy wants a home without other animals for you two to become best buddies.