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I’m Tonto - I’m very distinguished in looks and attitude. I hold my head up high and watch everything that’s going on….until I get catnip and then get out of my way! I do like people, but can find plenty to amuse myself with. Hey a window seat if you have one would be great. Being only two years young, we will have many years of adventures together. I'm FIV+ but clearly that hasn't stopped me from living a healthy life and I should continue to do so as an indoor only cat.
Are you looking for a feline to spice up your life – that's me, Chili! How appropriate is that for a name. You may find me a little challenging, but my secret is wet food with gravy and catnip. Give me 5 minutes and some quiet talking and I'm a whole different gal. Purring, head butting and ready to jump into your lap. This catnip stuff is GREAT and I hope you have some at your home. Did I tell you I have the softest fur around? Well of course I do.  My coloring will also spice up your place – I'm a tiger with loads of colors to compliment any décor. Let's make a life together.


Giulia and Isabella are gorgeous Siamese sisters. If you are familiar with the breed, you know that the Siamese is curious, smart, vocal and demanding. They are great at learning tricks and even better at teaching their humans to accede to their desires. They are endlessly curious and will want to be involved in whatever you are doing. When you are not around, they may entertain themselves in ways that will surprise you. Based on an average lifespan of 15 years, these healthy, beautiful 10-year-old sisters have years to charm and amaze you.

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