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Meet: BOOKER  

Yo I’m Booker.  No one knows my story because I was found wandering around which means we can start our lives together and write our own. Come on in and ask for the cool tuxedo cat. If you have catnip with you I'm all yours - that stuff is awesome. I love to be stroked too and might show you my belly but keep stroking my head and back. I'm two years old so we'll have many years together. Laps are good but oh how I love to explore. Do you have a window seat for me too? Oh, and I just met this cool dude named Dustin and we've become buds, so you can take us both home - hint hint - or I could be a buddy to your cat in residence. I'm easy.

Meet: TOBY

I’m Toby and boy did I come in with catitude!  Hissing and fighting and not being the gentleman I am now, but now I’m the king of the Adult Room. Come on in quietly and if you give me some encouragement   I’ll be on your lap purring and drooling and worshiping your every move.  Really and truly!  Oh and food, well I love food……and catnip. Not a fan of toys on strings but a ball or two I’d try. I can be a talker but would prefer you talk with me so I can purr which I didn’t know how to do. I’m so dapper with my tuxedo looks  - ready to grace your home always dressed for the occasion.

Meet: ETTA

Peek a boo! Look at me, aren't I cute? My name is Etta and I just turned 3 - that makes me a Cancer for those of you who are into Astrology, which says I'm deeply intuitive and sentimental (whatever that means). I love catnip and I prefer not to share it or you with anyone else, so I'd like to be your one and only. You should come meet me because I won't be here for long!


Dustin is a strikingly handsome, black and white 5 year old who came to us as there were so many cats in his home. The sights and sounds of the shelter have frightened him and he was initially very shy and withdrawn. However, he’s come to life in our adult room where him and his new buddy, Booker, have been hanging out. He was scared but hopeful, and he’s finally learned to trust people again. This is a cat where patience, consistency and care have and will make such a huge difference. If you want to rescue a scared kitty with lots of wonderful potential, please come meet our Dustin.

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